About us

Over 40 years ago, Russell and Janice Jordan started in the produce industry growing tomatoes on Corbett Road near New Plymouth, Taranaki.

In 1988, they moved from growing Lettuce into growing potted Hydroponic culinary herbs for the local supermarkets and Wholesalers 

Today, Natural Fare now has a 1.1 hector glasshouse and modern growing system. 

We grow our stock all year round using our hot room to start the germination, this includes; Micro Greens, Edible Flowers, Rocket, Mesclun Salad Mix, as well as our 26 different herbs. 

Each year they sow around 800,000 pots of herbs, of which approx. 350,000 are sold as potted herbs & 18g packets in New World and Pak n Save supermarkets from Wellington to Auckland. The Balance are packed in larger bags for the food service industry and sent from Auckland to Invercargill.

Our pots are produced locally from recycled plastic, basically a little colouring added to your old milk bottle tops. They have now for the larger part been coming to us from the other end of Corbett Rd at Devon plastics. Our potting mix too is sourced locally from Revital Growwell, also just down the road. 

Natural Fare has always been well supported by our local cafes, restaurants and wholesalers here in Taranaki.